DNA testing to improve training and diet

The future of health and fitness is here!

It’s all in the genes…

You’ve no doubt seen the debates – what sort of diet is best? Should I be eating Low Carb-High Fat?
Are low-fat diets still best? Should I be doing power, strength, HIIT training or will cardio give me the best results?

The simple answer is that due to our DNA, we are all different, and respond in different ways… There simply is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, Gene Testing takes all the guesswork out of exercise prescription and diet.

DNA testing cheek swab

All it takes is a simple cheek swab test that gives you unparalleled knowledge to optimise and improve your training, by playing to your unique genetic strengths.

Gene Testing is possibly the biggest game-changer in the health and fitness arena for years. We’ve teamed up with DNAfit to offer Gene Tests to clients, helping them discover exactly the kind of training they respond best to, ensuring better results.

For performance and weight management you will find out what sort of foods your body responds best to, and what it may need more, or less of.

Some client feedback:

‘It should be a priority whether you’re interested in your health and fitness or sports performance’

‘This gives me goosebumps just looking at it!’

‘It’s given me peace of mind as it’s confirmed what I always thought, but equally has now taught me what I need to do about it’

'The test gives you results to work smarter. Knowledge = Power!'

'Having the DNAfit test means that you are fully armed to make the best of your physical make-up and to therefore have more energy and better quality of life'

You will discover:

  • Whether you respond better to power or endurance exercise
  • Your VO2 MAX potential (aerobic power)
  • Your recovery rate
  • Susceptibility to soft tissue sports injury
  • Response to carbs and saturated fats
  • Lactose tolerance
  • Coeliac disease predisposition
  • Alcohol and Caffeine sensitivity
  • Anti-oxidant need / Omega 3 / Vitamin B / Cruciferous veg need
  • Detoxification ability
  • Now includes bone mineral density, obesity and sleep and stress reports

This ground breaking test is available now for £169 including the one-to-one consultation.

Discounts are available for regular PT clients. This includes the test kit, a full hard copy of your report, along with a consultation to present to you and explain the results, implementation and recommendations.

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