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Personal Fitness Training in your own home throughout Swindon, Wiltshire, W Berkshire, Gloucestershire and Oxon

Get fit and lose weight in the privacy of your own home.
We bring everything you need - transporting the gym to you.
Save travelling time and money and ensure you don't skip your workout!
Over 16 years of experience helping people get into shape and lose weight.
One-to-one training tailors your programme to your specific needs & abilities.

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"With the help and support from Fitness-4-U, in less than a year I have lost three stone in weight, my blood pressure and resting heart rate are both significantly lower, and I am generally much fitter."
Mr S, Lambourn
“Why didn’t I start doing this 10 years ago? I could have been in Hollywood by now!!”
Mrs C Hibbert, Glos
"Gary respects his clients right to be the way they are - I was never criticised for being obese at the start - I was only encouraged to get fitter, which was my stated aim. Only when I decided I wanted to lose weight did Gary help me do this. Whatever your fitness level or goal in life Gary has something to offer."
AT, West Berkshire
"I would thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone who needs extra support and focus to get either get fit or control their weight. With Gary’s help I’m well on track to being the slim & beautiful bride I want to be next April!"
RO, Faringdon
"Would I use him again? Yes! Absolutely. Would I recommend him to others? Yes! Absolutely. Have I learned from the sessions? Yes! Have I ever regretted a session or thought it a waste of time or not seen a point to it? No!"
Shirley Hensher, Swindon
" I am now fitter, stronger, slimmer, but more importantly happier. I owe a lot to Gary, and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone that needs that extra push in reaching there long term goal."
Miss L. Harris, Highworth
"He is dependable and punctual and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who similarly wanted to get fit."
Nigel Hugh-Smith, Coln-St-Aldwyn
“I first met Gary five years ago and it’s been my best investment to date. His keenness and enthusiasm has ensured I am far fitter and healthier than I was when we met."
Mr Richard Gordon, Glos